evenings with mt. rainier.

ft. three different lakes

Mount Rainier National Park might be the most visited place we’ve been to since moving to the pacific northwest, and we already can’t wait to go back.

Even though we live in Oregon, we tend to gravitate more towards Washington for hiking and adventures. There is SO many hikes we want to do, but finding the time to roadtrip up there has been tricky due to work / school.

Below are some photos from one of our favorite visits up there. 😊

Snow Lake, Mount Rainier National Park

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Look at how crystal clear that water is!! 💙

We are planning to backpack to this lake again someday. There are only two campsites!

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Bench Lake, Mount Rainier National Park

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We found a huge boulder to climb on to get this view of Rainier.
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Cleaning our hands and feet after our hike. Yes – the water was freezing.
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Michael climbed through a lottttt of shrubbery to get this photo. He really insisted haha. But look at those colors! Alpenglow is something else.


Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier National Park

Reflection lake is a must and it’s SUPER easy to get to (it’s literally on the side of the road). We have been here when it was covered in snow and even during the summer. It’s beautiful year round. After a hike, we typically like to stop here to eat something or just unwind because it’s such a lovely place to stop at.

We found the Big Dipper!

We love star gazing, but… how do people even find constellations?!? We sometimes joke around and say, “Look at Orion!” or “Wow, what a beaut Cassiopeia is.” But… it’s all for pretend. Other than the Big Dipper, it’s pretty hard, in our opinion to find them!

I like the mountains because they make me feel small. They help me sort out what’s important in life. Mark Obmascik

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