First Impressions.

Him: She looks so confused.
   moments later
Her: Why is he all of a sudden talking to me…

What can you say! He’s naturally observant, and I’m a complete skeptic. It’s not always love at first sight, that’s for sure. 🙂

I just flew back into Austin from a long work trip and the first thing I wanted to do was grab breakfast with Layla at one of my favorite spots. I was already standing in line at this cafe when she walked in with her friend. She looked so confused. I figured she was because there was no hostess.

I was visiting my best friend from Dallas and before I was gonna drive home, I wanted to check out this place for breakfast. I got in line and couldn’t figure out if I ordered or sat down first! He was standing in front of me when he got our attention to let us know the ins-and-outs of the place and also gave us some food recommendations.

I am naturally a stubborn skeptic, so I purposely didn’t take his recommendation and ordered something different haha.

He offered us a seat at his table with Layla because it was a packed restaurant with only one table left.
I politely declined.
My friend (who unknowingly became my wing-woman) said yes.

Sooo.. we sat with him.

When they say sometimes you have to go with the flow and be open minded to unexpected situations, it’s so so true. The conversation veered straight into science things, the outdoors, hiking, our dogs, traveling, etc.

She was more shy than her friend, so I didn’t feel like I got to have a good conversation with her, but I knew she was leaving after this. I ended up asking if she had time before leaving to come with me and Layla to a dog park. She actually said yes.

At the park, there was something that clicked for me. Throughout our conversation, she was opening up more. I couldn’t help but feel completely captivated by her smile and her…energy? It’s hard to even explain. There was something about her that made me realize I wanted her in my life.
I ended up giving her my business card hoping she would message me.

When I got home four hours later, I texted him. I even told my best friend I wasn’t going to, but I couldn’t help myself. I realllllyy wanted to talk to him again and I didn’t want this to be a missed opportunity.

And that’s how it all began! A chance encounter at a coffee shop with a stranger who became someone much more than that.

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