Parts Unknown.

Jeanie here.

When I was in college, I was obsessed with the food industry. I was just beginning to fall in love with cooking. I found myself reading endlessly about different styles of cooking from different chefs. When I found out Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert were visiting a nearby university for a speech, I couldn’t pass it up. I was at the edge of my seat hearing about their culinary stories and their friendship. What stood out to me most was when he was asked where was his favorite country to visit he said, “Vietnam.” He kept talking about how much he fell in love with the food, the people, the country, and the culture when he visited there and it made me fall in love more with my family’s history.

His passing stunned the both of us, especially me.

I’m in disbelief that someone so loved, inspiring, and unique struggled with such dark demons that he couldn’t imagine his place in this world anymore. After writing about all of the hidden secrets of the culinary world, we are left wondering about the unknown parts of his mind. I just hope so deeply that he somehow found the peace he was looking for. Our thoughts are always with the loved ones that people leave behind.

In light of what has happened, we have removed all references relating to Michael’s ex and her own struggle with mental illness. She has privately informed me that she is seeking help and therapy and we only hope she betters herself. We wish her the best as she finds a path of positivity and light. It is critical that ones struggling with mental illness seek the help they deserve. 

Something About Us.

Hi you guys!
We are a little intimidated, but excited to start sharing more about our lives here.

We both have a mutual love for learning about photography and sharing our adventures via our Instagram, @thebitzers.

However, we want to share more about us. The outtakes. Our behind-the-scenes. Blogging is an entirely different animal, but we hope that some of our personal experiences can be relatable to someone out there.

To introduce ourselves, here are some things about us!

Jeanie here.

  • I love love love to cook. If there is anything I do to unwind, you can find me in the kitchen or the grocery store or even just thinking about food.
  • I currently work/study in the field of oncology. Cancer has had a pretty significant impact on my life, so I couldn’t imagine doing anything else career-wise.
  • My mom is hilariously over-superstitious about life. I am a little scared I may become like her, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing because she’s an incredible woman.
  • Guilty pleasure? Ice cream. Fries. Naps. Sometimes all at once, sometimes not.
  • I used to paint a lot, especially portraits of others. I was in several art shows up until college and it was one of my favorite times when I was younger. Taking photos and cooking has now become my creative outlets.
  • What I can’t stand? Being misunderstood.

Michael here.

  • I love working with my hands: building things, gardening, MacGyver-ing things, etc.
  • I work in public health working with infectious disease surveillance. AKA I work with microscopic things that can cause some serious illnesses and try to predict when those outbreaks can affect people.
  • I’m a constant daydreamer for new adventures. On my GoogleMaps, you’ll find a ton of saved pins relating to unique sites to explore, places to camp, favorites places I’ve been, and adventure suggestions from people I’ve met.
  • I enjoy my daily reads from Reddit, NPR, or The Oregonian. 
  • I grew up surfing and that is the one sport I wish I could do more often. Need to learn how to adjust to the cold waters of the west coast.
  • Guilty pleasure? Video games, particularly PUBG or Battlefield.

First Impressions.

Him: She looks so confused.
   moments later
Her: Why is he all of a sudden talking to me…

What can you say! He’s naturally observant, and I’m a complete skeptic. It’s not always love at first sight, that’s for sure. 🙂

I just flew back into Austin from a long work trip and the first thing I wanted to do was grab breakfast with Layla at one of my favorite spots. I was already standing in line at this cafe when she walked in with her friend. She looked so confused. I figured she was because there was no hostess.

I was visiting my best friend from Dallas and before I was gonna drive home, I wanted to check out this place for breakfast. I got in line and couldn’t figure out if I ordered or sat down first! He was standing in front of me when he got our attention to let us know the ins-and-outs of the place and also gave us some food recommendations.

I am naturally a stubborn skeptic, so I purposely didn’t take his recommendation and ordered something different haha.

He offered us a seat at his table with Layla because it was a packed restaurant with only one table left.
I politely declined.
My friend (who unknowingly became my wing-woman) said yes.

Sooo.. we sat with him.

When they say sometimes you have to go with the flow and be open minded to unexpected situations, it’s so so true. The conversation veered straight into science things, the outdoors, hiking, our dogs, traveling, etc.

She was more shy than her friend, so I didn’t feel like I got to have a good conversation with her, but I knew she was leaving after this. I ended up asking if she had time before leaving to come with me and Layla to a dog park. She actually said yes.

At the park, there was something that clicked for me. Throughout our conversation, she was opening up more. I couldn’t help but feel completely captivated by her smile and her…energy? It’s hard to even explain. There was something about her that made me realize I wanted her in my life.
I ended up giving her my business card hoping she would message me.

When I got home four hours later, I texted him. I even told my best friend I wasn’t going to, but I couldn’t help myself. I realllllyy wanted to talk to him again and I didn’t want this to be a missed opportunity.

And that’s how it all began! A chance encounter at a coffee shop with a stranger who became someone much more than that.


Hi all!

We previously have shared a lot about the negativity that we have been dealing with in our lives regarding harassment. However, we want to refocus our blog moving forward!

We realize that toxic people will always find a way to continue being malignant in their own mind, which will only lead to their own eventual downfall.
They will try to take others down with them, but that’s not happening with us.

We want to start sharing about what’s important to us! Which is our love, our life, our friends/family, and our adventures.

Stay tuned!


The end.

Michael here.

This is finally the end of an extremely toxic and ridiculous chapter of my life. If you could feel the energy of our home and our minds, it feels pretty damn good here.

What I mean is after all of this time trying to hide this harassment from my ex, anticipating her next attack, or thinking of ways to debunk her lies about me, I can’t even muster up an ounce of care about her anymore.

Through sharing our personal experiences dealing with a manipulative cyberbully, the outpouring of support that we have felt these past few days made me realize we wasted a lot of energy on someone worth absolutely nothing. Every single message from you all has made us feel free and loved in ways we can’t even begin to express. This girl has a delusional perspective on life and what is going on that to even speak to her or about her is a waste of my time. She can spiral out of control on her own as she attempts to victimize herself. Her failure to acknowledge her destructive actions towards us will only negatively impact her own life.

So as of today, she is to be completely ignored.

I am honestly the luckiest guy to have the support of my family, our Instagram community, my friends, and especially my girl. Jeanie has truly been a source of strength and support for me throughout this. She has taught me so much about what real love, kindness, self-respect, compassion, and what caring for others really means. Although Jeanie is someone that needs nothing from me, I will give her everything I have. Through all of this bullshit, you really do learn to appreciate the important things in life.

The end.

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