Our Story

Michael and Jeanie here!

From the moment we met in the summer of 2016, our lives changed in ways we couldn’t imagine.

We spent our first year together in a long distance relationship in Texas, decided to pursue a career change, and moved across country to Oregon to be together and chase our dreams!

In between those milestones, we have been through so many experiences and moments that have made us:
laugh until we couldn’t breathe,
smile to the point of our cheeks aching,
feel anxious for the unknown of our future,
love harder than we ever had before,
and even
cry during the times when emotions became unbearable.

Throughout it all, we have become so incredibly grateful for the life we get to live now.

We want to start sharing those moments with you and hope that some of what we have experienced is relatable to someone else.

Stay tuned!


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