our harasser.

Since April 2017.
Michael’s ex-girlfriend from 2013-2014.

Below you can find some of the things she has said to illustrate her behavior.

“You should die.”

“Chinks, go back to where you came from.”

“Idiot, has your daddy died yet piece of shit?”

“So good you got Nick to officiate before he leaves this planet.”

“Poor chink. Once your career fails, I’ll be sitting back laughing. Hey at least you can do my nails. I’ll pay.”

“You don’t deserve to live.”

“Go jump off a cliff. You’re a dummy. And please don’t reproduce.”

“Stupid Asian cunt.”

“You’re a drug dealer that cheats on your drug tests.”

“He deserves a shit piece of meat, which you are.”

“Too bad you guys didn’t fall off the cliff.”

“Stupid chink.” 

“He keeps calling me!”

“He’s cheating on you.” 

“You were gonna marry ME you said. And now you fucking are with some lame ass girl who is still in school? Dude whatever.”

“I won’t stop till I’m satisfied.”

“Watch me ruin his life.”

“I hope I don’t see you when I move to Oregon.”

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  1. OH wow, THIS is what you were talking about. That’s really crazy and just on another level the woman has decided to take it. Please be careful as her vendetta seems to know no bounds but I am glad you shared this online with her identity so that this can be traced back to her, and you’ve got the right kind of support around you!

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    1. Yeah, our narcissist is a very, very destructive person. She has absolutely no sense of guilt when it comes to trying to hurt people. We have let all of our employers, family, and friends know of her behavior. So if something happened to us, everyone knows exactly where to look. It’s ridiculous that people like you and me have to deal with this kind of behavior.

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      1. When you took this on to the social media, did this deter her at all? I’d like to think she went away, she’s very bitter and needs her own time with healing far away from you both.

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        1. When we made it public, it did NOT deter her. She tried very hard to turn it around and said we were the ones harassing her because we told people about it. She victimized herself and projected her behavior onto us. It was unbelievable. We kept it private for a year, but sharing it with others was very good for us when it came to healing from her constant harassment.

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          1. It’s always a good idea to keep screenshots of all the things sent your way, because sooner or later they’ll come in handy. I hope this hasn’t made your wife insecure in the least bit and is sheltered by the communal support 🙂

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