We reached out to a private online community asking for advice regarding our harassment situation from Kimi, Michael’s ex-girlfriend. What we did not expect was the level of response we received. We got over two hundred messages about other people’s experiences dealing with either a sociopath, a narcissist, a psychopath, a pathological liar, and/or someone with borderline personality disorder. The common trend was that the person they were dealing with or dealt with was usually always an ex-significant other. Between the personal stories to the professional advice from strangers we received, it was all very eye-opening.

What I’ve taken away from this is:

Michael’s ex will never, ever take responsibility for her actions. She will always blame others for her downfalls and her mistakes. If she’s not blaming someone, then she’s creating lies in order deflect the situation while victimizing herself. At this point, there is no capacity within her for us to logically reason with.

The realization of the type of person we are dealing with is a sobering one. Despite this, her issues have no bearing on the life I’ve built no matter how hard she tries to tear mine down.


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  1. I wish you the best of luck with her! Hopefully they’re not adding too much stress into your life. My future sister-in-law saw my fiancé’s middle school (!) ex and she was telling future SIL lies about how she’s the reason my fiancé and I were together. How she and I were friends in high school when I’ve never even met her nor did she even attend our school. She also how she’s a bit sad that we were getting married because she ‘loved him’. *shudders* She has 2 kids so I hope for their sake that these lies are as far as they go.


    1. *shudders* is right! What a creep! We hope you’re not dealing with that anymore.

      And thanks! Yeah, Michael’s ex is the craziest pathological liar we’ve ever encountered and it’s pretty wild to see what she comes up with. She’s not adding stress to our life! We tried to tell her to leave us alone several times, but she’s impossible to reason with. His ex said a similar thing about how Michael was supposed to ‘marry her’. So here we are.

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